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Take your B1 exam online with us via Zoom with our B1 test online and receive a B1 certificate upon successful completion. The B1 test is certified according to the ISO29992 quality standard. The reference system is the CEFR. Simply select a date and register for the B1 exam.

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How do I book an appointment?

1. select the date and time in the calendar
2. click on “Book now”
3. enter exam candidate’s details
4. select your payment method and pay
5. complete the order.
6. you will receive an e-mail with further information shortly.


To take the exam, you will need a selfie and a valid, official ID (e.g. passport) with a photo. Fictitious certificates are not permitted. Once payment has been received, you will receive an email with instructions on where to upload your selfie and ID details. If there is any doubt about the authenticity of the documents or your identity, it is unfortunately not possible to issue you with a certificate after you have passed the test. You will not be entitled to a refund of the examination fees.

Appointment calendar

You will be redirected to our checkout area after selecting the date. Please note that only the examination candidate’s details are entered here. Payment is due directly at the time of booking. We would like to point out that we currently do not offer the option of purchasing on account or by bank transfer. We also do not pass on our IBAN.

Procedure, technology & certificate

1. you need a quiet room at home, a computer or notebook with internet and a large monitor, webcam, microphone and PC speakers. You will also need a smartphone.

2. you will receive the Zoom link for the examination room by e-mail before the start of the examination.

3. please have a valid and original identification document, passport or identity card ready for identification. Your photo must be recognizable on it.

4. the examiner will start the exam together with you via Zoom. The written part contains tasks that you carry out independently under the examiner’s supervision in the exam software. You will need your mouse and keyboard for this. The examiner will conduct the oral exam with you.

5 You will receive the result within 3 days and the certificate 7 days after you have passed the exam. To pass, you need at least 50% of the points in each individual section.

4. Der Prüfer startet gemeinsam mit Ihnen über Zoom die Prüfung. Der schriftliche Teil enthält Aufgaben, die Sie selbstständig unter Prüferaufsicht in einer Prüfungssoftware durchführen. Sie benötigen hierzu Ihre Maus und die Tastatur. Die mündliche Prüfung führt der Prüfer mit Ihnen durch.

5. Sie erhalten innerhalb von 3 Tagen das Ergebnis und nach 7 Tagen nachdem Sie die Prüfung bestanden haben das Zertifikat. Zum Bestehen benötigen Sie in jedem Einzelteil mindestens 50% der Punkte.


Structure of the exam

Each exam consists of listening comprehension, reading
comprehension, language modules, free text task and
oral examination.
DesignationAudited area of competenceTime [min]Points
Listening Comprehension 1/3global listeningca. 1025
Listening Comprehension2/3detailed listeningca. 1025
Listening Comprehension3/3selective listeningca. 1025
Reading Comprehension 1/3global reading825
Reading Comprehension 2/3selective reading825
Reading Comprehension 3/3selective reading1025
Language blocks 1/2Grammar815
Language blocks 2/2Lexic815
Written expressionWriting skills2045
Oral examination 1Speaking Competenceca. 515
Oral examination 2Interaction competenceca. 530
Oral examination 3Argumentation competenceca. 530

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requirements of the European Data Protection Act.

Sample exams - Practice now!

Prepare yourself with our sample exams
optimally prepare for your exam.

European Framework of Reference
for languages

The examinations are based on the CEFR, the
European Framework of Reference for Languages.

A1 (beginner): At CEFR level A1, candidates are absolute beginners in the German language. This level aims to teach basic language skills. The exams cover simple and everyday topics, such as introducing people, ordering food in a restaurant or asking for basic information. Candidates are expected to understand short, simple sentences and answer simple questions..

A2 (elementary knowledge): CEFR level A2 is aimed at people who already have a basic knowledge of German. Examinations at this level include the ability to hold longer conversations on familiar topics, understand short texts and exchange personal information. Candidates should be able to communicate in everyday situations in German, even if their vocabulary and grammar are still limited.

B1 (independent use of language): At CEFR level B1, candidates should already be able to use the German language independently. The exams at this level cover a wider range of topics and require the ability to communicate in more complex everyday situations. Candidates should be able to understand longer texts, write short texts and hold comfortable conversations, be it when shopping, at work or in social contexts.

B2 (advanced language use): CEFR level B2 requires advanced German language skills. Examinations at this level focus on the ability to hold complex conversations, understand longer texts, produce written work and use the German language in professional contexts. Candidates should be able to exchange differentiated opinions and convey complex information.

C1 (advanced knowledge): CEFR level C1 corresponds to a very advanced language level. At this level, candidates are able to understand demanding texts, write academic papers, give professional presentations and hold complex discussions. The examinations at C1 level require in-depth language skills and the ability to master the German language at a high level, whether at work or at university.

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